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The Washington Post - Top Stories

·Bones of Civil War dead found on a battlefield tell their horror stories
·U.S. quits U.N. Human Rights Council over perceived bias against Israel
·Trump urges GOP to fix immigration system, gives no preference on bills
·President touts accomplishments, attacks critic during House meeting
·Trump administration didn’t invent family separation plan, but it was willing to try it
·The president seems to be saying more and more things that are not true
·Look who’s politically correct now
·Why Trump has upped the ante on cruelty
·America’s No. 1 voter fraud conspiracy theorist goes down in court
·Republicans, your ‘regular order’ is out of order
·They’ve had the handshake. Now it’s time to make a deal.
·Trump wants his ‘Space Force’ to be ‘separate but equal.’ Notice anything odd?
·House GOP plan would cut Medicare, Medicaid to balance budget
·Companies can escape Trump’s steel tariffs. But it won’t be easy.
·Canada’s Senate votes to legalize marijuana, fulfilling a major campaign promise by Justin Trudeau
·A tipster suspected a felon kept ‘a large arsenal.’ Police said they found 553 guns.
·D.C. voters approved a wage hike for tipped workers. Lawmakers might face pressure to void it.
·Ballot initiative passed despite heavy opposition from elected officials, restaurant industry
·As Tesla races to meet production goals, pressures and suspicions grow
·These cowboys and cowgirls of the Mississippi Delta don't ride herd, they ride for fun

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The Houston Chronicle

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