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Advertising with MyMidOhio.com


MyMidOhio.com is an affordable way to reach the local residents of MidOhio and expose your business to thousands of visitors each day!


MyMidOhio.com is devoted to promoting locally owned businesses within our community. In addition to your banner advertisements prominently displayed throughout the website your business gets a third party venue in which to promote itself in multiple unique ways. Additionally, your dollars also sponsor many of free services we make available to the residents of Mid-Ohio and so it sends the message that your business cares about the people that it lives with and reminds them that you are a part of the daily life that takes place in this community.

MyMidOhio.com was founded by native Mid-Ohio resident, a mom and pop business owner, who understands the atmosphere of the MidOhio area and the needs of its business owners!


Since we were founded by the owner of a small business in Mid-Ohio we intimately understand the needs of small business in our exclusive area. We offer various rates and packages that are competitive and geared to meet the needs of every sized business without breaking the mom and pop budget. We offer packages starting at as little as $100 per month to as much as $895 per month with several in between. Regardless of what level your business chooses to participate there is one thing you can be sure of; we offer far more service and population coverage for less than the cost of a single roadside billboard!


With our home base in Mansfield, Ohio we service residents of the entire "Mid-Ohio" area, including the heart of Mid-Ohio, Richland, Ashland, Crawford, and Morrow counties. We also encourage residents of Huron, Knox, and Marion counties to participate with us.

Newspapers, Radio, Television, and Billboard companies can only give you estimates on how many people they "estimate" will see or hear or watch your ad. Additionally, they have no idea what those people did after seeing it. Web advertising is unique in that with web advertising you can tell how many people viewed your ad as well as how many people took action on that ad by clicking on it. If a web user is clicking on your ad that means they are highly interested in what it has to say. This is valuable information that any business can use to reduce confusion, improve their message, and reach more people effectively!

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