Escape Brownella Cottage Escape Room at Galion's Brownella Cottage

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You have 60 minutes to break the Bishop’s Code, find the precious jewels, escape, and save the Bishop!

The Scenario:
Bishop Brown has been kidnapped. The kidnappers are aware that Ella, the Bishop’s wife, has many precious jewels. The Bishop, anticipating trouble, has hidden the jewels and developed a code to protect the jewels from being stolen. He told Clara Manzer, his secretary, if anything happened to him, she should “break the code” and save the jewels. She was unable to break the code. Under duress, the Bishop told the kidnappers where the jewels were hidden and they are on their way to get them. The kidnappers decided to take a tour of Brownella Cottage and attempt the heist while pretending to be part of a large tour group. Your group decided to take a tour of Brownella Cottage that very same day. The secretary selected your group to help “break the Bishop’s code” and locked you in the room where the Bishop hid the jewels. You have 60 minutes before the kidnappers arrive to take the next tour. Your job is to “break the Bishop’s code”, find the jewels, escape the room, and call the authorities. Should you be able to complete your task, the Bishop will be saved!

Pre-paid Reservations Required  **Tickets are Non-refundable**

6-8 people per session
$20.00 each person
Cash or Credit Card Accepted at Historical Society Office – Call 419-468-9338 for appointment
T-Shirts available (pick up only at office or at your game) – $20 each (S-M-L-XL-XXL)
Can order online or at the office (201 S. Union St.)

The Galion Historical Society is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. We depend on donations, grants, volunteers, and fundraisers to meet our yearly budget. We appreciate your contribution to our organization via our Escape Room Challenge. We believe we have created a fun game that will challenge you at every turn but will also allow you to be successful. We encourage you to make reservations for a fun evening at Brownella Cottage.

Since our mission is to preserve Galion’s history, our game, in no way, requires destruction to solve any of the codes. We will insist on proper behavior in a historical setting. You CAN have fun; you CAN be successful! Please be respectful of our historic mansion!

The following items are not permitted in the Escape Room:
Food or drink
Cell Phones, Tablets, iPads
Purses, bags, backpacks
Coats or Jackets
Anything that might assist you with breaking the codes

Escape Room Dates:

Friday, May 18th

Saturday, May 19th

Sunday, May 20th

Friday, June 8th

Saturday, June 9th

Friday, June 15th

Saturday, June 16th

July, August, and September dates to be announced.

For more info or to book a reservation click HERE.

Brownella Cottage
132 S. Union St., Galion

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